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We’re a fast growing African technology company dedicated to empowering smart, sustainable ways to do business. From Business Process Automation to Artifical Intelligence implementations, we’re changing the way African's think about business operations using technology.

Do you have an idea or feel you can leverage technology in a unique way?

Let's have a conversation and build something amazing.

Our Solutions
For Fintech

Chat Pay & Social Banking

A Mobile Banking Solution built as an SDK to integrate 1 touch payments into your mobile bank or fintech apps

Our Solutions
For Your Business

Intelligent Business Assistant

Leveraging Artificial Intellingence we have built on the advancement of Natural Language Processing and Computer vision to develop smart business assistants to help reduce human errors and increase efficiency in output

Our Solutions
For E-commerce

Veva Life

Veva Life is our expression of how a market place should be, however what ever niche you operate in, we can craft a super tailored solution to find you new customers and leveage existing ones

Our Solutions
For Insurance

Insure X

We have a suite of products crafted to solve specific pain points in the insurance value chain. From compliance to policy management, data anaysis and operations as well as sales we have build tailored solutions to supercharge your business

Our Milestones

Purplegate Technologies works with business owners, analysts, and product owners to create a effective, and innovative software and transform their processes


Projects worked on


Applications developed and deployed


Is what we have pledged to reduce manual business processes by in Africa


Markets we have
operated in

We Support

Community Engagement & Sustainable Technology

Purplegate Technologies exemplifies the spirit of our industry by embracing and advocating a triple-bottom line approach to sustainability, with equal parts commitment to environmental, social, and financial responsibilities. We encourage remote work options to reduce commuting-related carbon footprints and Support local communities through initiatives like skill-building workshops, mentorship programs

How we give back

You Build.
We Give.

When you build with Purplegate Technologies, you’re getting more than great service – you’re giving the most vulnerable members of the community a chance. The IUFoundation Program supports youths who want to learn Software Development and Data Analytics providing them the soft-start they need. This human centric-driven initiative is part of our commitment to the communities we live, work, and operate in – and to the kind of society we hope to help build.

Social Impact

Social Impact
Success Stories

Success Stories

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